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AD School Newspaper

Elementary school kids get excited about the freedom of the press.
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AD School Newspaper

It’s an online platform. It’s fun. It’s easy to use. It’s teaching kids the basic principles of journalism. It’s a way to safeguard the freedom of the press for years to come. So in short, it’s actually doing good.

AD is Holland’s second biggest newspaper. But not for long, if we can help it. Its objective journalism helping readers to ‘read’ the news plus its various tests on hospitals, schools and restaurants truly make AD readers stronger. 

But how can we impact the AD readers of the future? Kids who understand less and less about the value and importance of reading a newspaper. How can we teach kids the power of objective journalism in an era where the freedom of speech is under attack?

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  • Feb 2015



We revived a fading Dutch tradition: the school newspaper. The AD School Paper is a formidable interactive platform with tools to teach young kids about the power of journalism.

The AD School Paper is free for every elementary school in Holland. It contains lessons from AD’s top journalists which teach kids the main pillars of journalism: finding news, interviewing, photography, writing and design. The website is built using language, design and gamification techniques to engage kids with the art of journalism. This enables them to create their own, often thoroughly professional, school newspaper. Who said newspapers are dead…


Designing for kids

We’ve built platforms before. We’ve built interactive ones. But we’d never built one for kids. We made sure that every task was linked to a reward, within the world of the platform. In the end it turned out in they’re not much different to grown-ups. At least the ones at the office.   



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