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Eat well. Live well.

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TV - Film

Eat well. Live well.

Beautiful things can happen when you really make the effort.

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  • Feb 2019


New year, new me. It’s almost a cliché that the first few months of the year are devoted to health, wellness and the idea that less is more. But it is easier said than done. How can we inspire the whole of the Netherlands to eat better and sustain that healthy lifestyle?


Food (and especially good food) is a fascinating space for storytelling. For example food's role in a relationship – and how eating well can have a profound effect on your life and happiness. Beautiful things can happen when you really make the effort.

Creative Solution

We created a film that is told through the eyes of a long-term couple, which despite numerous years together and obvious affection, start living separate lives. The woman watches her husband closely, as he does all he can to stay fit. He seems to be obsessed by a new – and somewhat suspiciously healthy lifestyle. His wife suspects he’s having an affair. However, the twist comes at the end, when her unhealthy suspicions are turned upside down!

Inspiring Growth

The film is one of the most watched commercials on YouTube in the first quarter in the Netherlands. More than 1,1 million people have watched it. The film is the fourth in the emotional series of PLUS that clearly catches on with the Dutch audience. The first three all achieved a final place at the Ster Gouden Loeki. 

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