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Emma Children’s Hospital Kingsday

How we got sick children into the biggest party of Holland.
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Emma Children’s Hospital Kingsday

The Emma Children’s Hospital is aimed at not letting sick kids lose a single day of their childhood. We were there to help on King’s Day…

King’s Day, the biggest party in the Netherlands, is hugely popular with children. Each year thousands of kids perform their music at the traditional Children’s Fairs and celebrate this special day together. Unfortunately not all children are able to participate in the fun. Like children who are hospitalized…

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  • Apr 2015



We arranged for the children of the Emma Children’s Hospital to be able to shine at the King’s Day Children’s Fair. From the hospital. By setting up an interactive live connection, the children were able to perform straight from their beds, as if they were actually at the Children’s Fair in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark. With the footage of the stunt we made a video with a payment option for donations.

Lots of media attention. We even made the prime time news on national television. But most importantly: The kids of the Emma Children’s Hospital were able to join the party, despite their illness.

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