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Let’s show the Netherlands that ING is right behind the Dutch women’s team.

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  • Jun 2019


With the World Cup 2019 coming up, ING was looking for a way to re-emphasize its role as the main sponsor of Dutch football. Let’s show the Netherlands that ING is right behind the Dutch women’s team. One question remained: how can we connect this to the brand’s core message “For those who want to move forward”?


Football is a sport for everyone. Not only for a handful of untouchable elite players. That is also what characterizes the current national men's and women's national team. There is a sense of companionship. Wanting to help each other move forward. This has been the case especially in women’s soccer.

Creative Solution

That is why ING is launching a new campaign that fits this concept seamlessly. Starting with a raw and real film in which we see all the hard work and dedication that the OranjeLeeuwinnen put into their preparations for the upcoming World Cup. Because their World Cup journey is one that started years ago. A journey of extreme training in all weather conditions. Fighting against prejudice and personal obstacles. Nothing can stop us.

Inspiring Growth

The campaign has fueled enthusiasm about women's football in the Netherlands. The film has been viewed tens of thousands of times on YouTube, but that’s nothing in comparison with the 5.5 million Dutch people who have watched the World Cup final - where our OranjeLeeuwinnen have shown just how far they can get. Because nothing can stop them.

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