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From fine fabric specialist to laundry domination
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TV - Film


From fine fabric specialist to laundry domination.

Ten years ago Robijn was a specialist laundry detergent for fine fabrics. A small player in a market dominated by P&G’s Ariel. How can we grow a brand that is all about care in a market that is all about clean?

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  • Feb 2014



We took Robijn’s strong brand attributes ‘care’ and ‘color preservation’ and translated that into an emotional approach about giving extra care to the things you love. Using famous Dutch people who are always the centre of attention and need to look good all the time.



We created a series of commercials that are built around the life of Dutch celebs. We go to their houses and we see how he or she takes care of their favourite clothes.


Robijn has become the number one laundry detergent in Holland. It’s the most loved brand, growing every year for the last ten years. From 11.1% to 21,2% in 2015.


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