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The Next Rembrandt

Can technology and data bring back to life one of the greatest painters of all time?
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The Next Rembrandt

Bringing the Master of Light and Shadow back to life to create one more portrait. Only this time, data is the painter, and technology the brush.

The Next Rembrandt was created to bring ING’s innovative spirit to their sponsorship of Dutch arts and culture, and to spark a global conversation on where data and technology can take us.

  • ING

  • Campaign

  • Banking

  • Apr 2016



Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, The Next Rembrandt is a 3D printed painting made solely from data of Rembrandt’s body of work, and was created using deep learning algorithms and facial recognition techniques. 


How we did it

1. Gathering the data

To distill the artistic DNA of Rembrandt, an extensive database of his paintings was built, so it could be analyzed, pixel by pixel.


2. Determining the subject

Data from Rembrandt’s body of work showed the way to the subject of the new painting.


3. Generating the features

A software system was designed to understand Rembrandt’s style and generate new features.


4. Bringing it to life

Once the 2D image was complete, a height map was created to mimic the brushstrokes used by Rembrandt.

The four-minute launch film lets you dive deeper into the process that created The Next Rembrandt, and the story behind this unique painting is explained in full detail on


The Reveal

The Next Rembrandt was unveiled in front of a packed auditorium in Amsterdam on 5 April 2016. Experts, the press, and the general public were invited to join the conversation about where data and technology can take us.


First Results

The Next Rembrandt got the world buzzing, with all the leading news channels and blogs reporting about the fading boundaries between technology and humanity.

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